Computational Biology training at the University of Chicago is bolstered by a robust network of computing resources.  Below are some of the entities that support the ongoing training, cutting-edge research, and real-world applications at the University.

 Research Computing Center

The Research Computing Center (RCC) is dedicated to providing the University of Chicago community a full-service high-performance computing (HPC) center, including visualization resources, access to software, workshops, one-on-one consulting with domain experts, and complete data-management strategies to researchers across all departments and divisions.

Center for Research Informatics

Since 2011, the Center for Research Informatics has provided the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division (BSD) with informatics resources, services, and expertise to enable world-class research.

Computation Institute

The Computation Institute (CI) was established in 2000 as a joint initiative between The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory to advance science through innovative computational approaches.

Open Science Data Cloud

The Open Science Data Cloud provides the scientific community with resources for storing, sharing, and analyzing terabyte and petabyte-scale scientific datasets. The OSDC is a data science ecosystem in which researchers can house and share their own scientific data, access complementary public datasets, build and share customized virtual machines with whatever tools necessary to analyze their data, and perform the analysis to answer their research questions. It is a one-stop shop for making scientific research faster and easier.

Genomic Data Commons

The Genomic Data Commons, a next-generation platform that enables unprecedented data access, analysis and sharing for cancer research, publicly launched at the University of Chicago on June 6, opening the door to discoveries for this complex set of diseases.